Build email, blast and manage responses from Oracle Sales Cloud

May 12, 2015


Sales representatives and sales managers can create sales campaigns to reach out to contacts within their territories. Using sales campaigns, they invite contacts to an event or inform them about a product launch. Using a guided process, they can select recipients, use email templates, launch campaigns, monitor responses, and take action.

A great stride forward for Sales campaigns is breaking them off from Leads.

The screenshot below: Currently, to access Sales Campaigns, you would go to leads.

Oracle Sales Cloud - Existing Version

The screenshot below: Future release, Sales Campaigns are separated from Leads and moved to the top level.

Oracle Sales Cloud - Upcoming VersionSimilar to any primary object, Sales Campaigns would have their own overview page with predefined lists.

Campaigns ListWhen creating a Sales Campaign, the first step is to select contacts. The best part of this step is the ability to build your own contact search criteria. The “Add” allows users to add any (Standard & Custom) fields created for a contact to search query. “Apply” would add the selected contacts as recipients to the Sales Campaign.

Now you could add 500 recipients to a Sales Campaign.

Contacts Screen

One of the future enhancements is to allow cross-object segmentation, e.g., Show me the contacts in a country where the opportunity deal size is greater than 100K.

The second step is to select/design the email template. During this step, Sales reps/Sales managers could select an email template, personalize the message and insert links for response actions (e.g., Request Call Back) by recipients. Users could also add a Subject and From address for the message.


The third and final step is to wrap up or Launch Campaign. During this step Sales rep/Sales manager could give a name and description to Sales Campaign, define actions (e.g., Receive email notification, Create a call back task), customer responses, and define the campaign launch (e.g., Immediate, Later).

Wrap Up

While tracking the results of a Sales Campaign, the user could use the summary page to monitor message delivery status and recipient responses (including a list of contacts who chose that response and current response status) and take actions, e.g., Convert to New Lead. A separate section is also provided to track the leads created from the campaign and their current status.

SummaryResponsesThese features are commonly available from Oracle Sales Cloud release 10.

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