The Best of Both Worlds: From Departmental to Enterprise Cloud CRM

September 29, 2011

About the session:

Let us focus on our next topic: ‘The Best of Both Worlds: From Departmental to Enterprise Cloud CRM’.

Snapshot of the session:

To give a brief, this session covers:

  1. The need for Cloud CRM Solutions
  2. The challenges faced by organizations with multiple instances and silos
  3. Business benefits like security, integration, performance, reliability and cost

Our Expert’s View Point:

Mr. Naga, Our R & D Director had the following to say about this session: “We need to consider the pros and cons of both Cloud as well as installed applications. Cloud has some obvious advantages like: accessibility and scalability. Disadvantages are the security factors; Organizations do not have a direct control on the application and data and there are reliability issues.”

“When it comes to installed apps, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are within the premises and are super-fast. Organizations don’t have to worry about losing data and have complete control on back-up, audit etc.,. The chances of threat to the data can be avoided or atleast reduced. Disadvantages include a huge initial investment, periodical maintenance costs etc.,”

“This brings an interesting question, should organizations adopt to the Cloud wave or not? Is there a real advantage in people moving from installed apps to software as a service? If yes, what are they? How are the cloud service providers going to take care of the benefits I am losing by moving my apps there?”

Naga expects the session to have discussions on these key questions:

  • How Cloud CRM can benefit organizations and how Oracle is tackling the disadvantages?
  • How Cloud is maturing and is able to get lot more things that were possible only with installed applications?
  • How can an organisation move from departmental solutions to cloud solutions with ease?

Session Details

Date: 3rd Oct, 2011 Monday

Time: 2:00 PM, InterContinental – Grand Ballroom A

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