Warehouse Optimization & Analytics Improve Operational Efficiency


The client has been a leading cold storage and distribution provider for over a century now and has around twice as many global sites. As a pioneer in providing technology-based engineered solutions for the supply chain industry, they are committed towards supporting local artisans, regional grocery stores, national and international food and beverage organizations.

Storage optimization dashboards were custom built to deliver personalized business insights and help enhance supply chain operations in real-time.


  • Managing storage capacity in case of demand volatility
  • Tackling cost fluctuations in the Supply Chain
  • Supply chain and logistics process transparency
  • Slow response times kept users waiting for days to get insights
  • Understanding the products, customers, and suppliers and making predictions


The storage optimization dashboard helps monetizing and channeling the multiple sources of data inputs from multiple warehouses locations and minimize decision-making time.

  • Set up Storage Optimization for Supply Chain Dashboards to analyze warehouse utilization space
  • Drill-down the warehouse dashboard into – Warehouse, Orders, and Logistics
  • Integrated interactive graphs and charts to help visualize the demand and supply of particular products
  • Adding Delayed Purchase Order report to keep a track of suppliers that are delaying their orders
  • Integrating a Warehouse Floor Map in the dashboard to visualize how space is being occupied in different parts of the warehouse, making it easier to sort the less occupied areas by moving the mouse pointer over the map


Being a leading storage and distribution provider, managing the network of supply chains efficiently was very important in order to enhance the overall productivity and boost the growth of their business.

CRMIT helped them analyze huge chunks of data related to inventory, orders, sales, and suppliers right from their dashboards cutting down the laborious job of creating multiple reports.

  • Easy-to-use and understand charts and interactive graphs to conduct a time series analysis of inventory levels resulting in reducing the overall days of supply
  • Supply chain analytics provided overall warehouse details – used vs free space which helped in making decisions and be future-ready
  • Analyzing warehouse utilization space helped in right-sizing warehouse inventory, maximizing your ROI
  • This self-service model empowered them to address their business problems without having to go through multiple reports
  • Proper alignment of supply plans and transportation by keeping a track of warehouse, orders, and logistics KPIs such as stock-flow, warehouse storage capacity, received orders etc.
  • Extending cross-docking capabilities by integrating advanced shipment notifications, barcodes, warehouse management systems, and material-handling systems resulted in floor & aisle optimization
  • Improve forecasting and inventory planning to build capacity well-in-advance for a large retailer or order.


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