New storefront in weeks for industry-wide expo using Salesforce B2B commerce

New storefront in weeks for industry-wide expo using B2B commerce

A leading 3D printing technology company that wanted to complement the launch of its design engine software, with the availability of an e-Commerce storefront for customers to buy subscriptions to their manufacturing software.


CRMIT was required to build and launch a new storefront, to market a new product offering at an important industry-wide Expo, within weeks. The conference invited Manufacturing industry experts, intermediate and novice users and the client needed a subscription model that can help speed up signups.

Challenge was to build a new custom check-out flow for prospects/visitors/walk-ins/customers at the conference, scan a QR code, and opt-in for a trial subscription of the newly launched software.

The new flow, contrary to the existing flow on the portal, should allow the customer to register for a trial, by providing minimal details and without the need to provide a credit card, which was needed in the in-production check-out flow.

Need to build, validate and launch the checkout flow within a short span of 3 weeks, in time for an all-important industry-wide Expo. The sign-up is to be complemented with a new process flow, which would gather the customer’s credit card details at the end of the trial period, needed for recurring billing.


While it would have been technically easier and also faster to use a new Salesforce B2B commerce storefront for the above need, given the extra license cost associated with it, it was decided that an alternate approach needs to be used for the above.

CRMIT leveraged and furthered the concept of ‘page variation’ with the in-production check-out flow, to address the above need with the existing storefront. A new business process to reach out to the customer, at the end of the trial period for gathering pending details and conversion, is additionally being built and deployed.

The rapid build phase was followed by water-tight testing, to ensure that there was no regression from the new build and that the already live check-out flow was not broken in any way.

The new check-out was launched in time, a day before the event, and resulted in several successful sign-ups within hours of the launch of the event. The build is now being templatized, so that it can be re-used to address a similar need at future events, in even quicker turn-around times TAT if needed.


  • CRMIT team has built a prototype for Industrial Exhibitions that helped clients engage on spot and convert conversations into relationships
  • Share expertise and help with business best practices by capturing end-customer details on spot with customers during the event
  • Challenges and application developments can be recorded live as a case in that Hybrid moment – where the LIVE conversation is mapped with a virtual platform and a responsible agent
  • Accessible from all devices – an all-in-one expo- software offering the best immersive & engaging experiences for audiences
  • Caters to all event sizes small to large-scale events – from 100 to 50,000 attendees
  • Clients could now leverage B2B commerce expo software /exhibition software at its best – going hybrid on every next event

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