Why choose a Salesforce Managed Service Partner?

August 18, 2022

Salesforce MSPs deliver end-to-end Salesforce services for your business instance while managing the whole process. They eliminate the need for hiring permanent or long-term resources for your projects. This saves time, energy, and the need for management to bring your projects to completion. As per a recent study by MarketsandMarkets, the market size of Cloud Management Services will be close to $139.4 Billion by the end of the year 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.1%. Businesses are shifting their course of action towards Salesforce Managed Services Partner for simple reasons, complete project delivery services, and complete accountability. 

What do Salesforce MSPs have to offer?

Salesforce Services Offerings

In short, everything. Salesforce Managed Service Partners execute every plan of action per the business needs and take up a massive volume of tasks, including upgrading, implementing, integrating, maintaining, and administration. Let’s look at these tasks in detail:

ConsultingSalesforce Managed Services completely support your Salesforce instance, starting from consulting. Their consultants will work with your team to understand your goals and business needs to configure your Salesforce instance accordingly, so it matches Salesforce’s best practices. They recommend and plan a roadmap to optimize business operations with the right tools and features.

Administration – Any system needs constant oiling and maintenance. The MSPs provide Salesforce Admin support for fixing bugs and patching up the system to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the system that will affect the workflow. They regulate complex workflows, data validation, and approval processes and enable dashboards to provide interactive reports.

Implementation – MSP team conducts discovery sessions, workshops, and closed room interviews to bottlenecks in your operations and system. They develop a realistic timeline of the complete lifecycle of Salesforce product implementation and the entire project’s scope. In addition, Salesforce Managed Service Providers offer multi-cloud solutions and instance consolidation services to centralize a complex system landscape.

Support – No matter how well you execute, there is always some room for improvement. Within a week of deployment, your users will throw a barrage of tickets and queries that need to be addressed immediately. MSPs provide support experts with skills and resources to resolve these cases in a short time frame while abiding by the SLA policy. They are able to provide 24×7 support to your Salesforce ecosystem and support your business process.

Customization – Your Salesforce instance needs just the right amount of customization. You don’t want them to underuse the Salesforce features or overwhelm them with a pile of Salesforce tools and features. Salesforce Managed Service Providers strive to deliver the optimum level of customization to their clients and build custom applications and automated work processes to regulate your company’s business operations. 

Integration – Integrations are undeniably an essential aspect of any business. MSP understands the importance of delivering a connected experience to the clients. They help eliminate data silos and connect different branches of your organization with another to help your team save time and resources in mundane activities like data entry and help them strategize effectively.

Database Management & Health Care – Your database is your most valuable asset, around which all the organization’s operations revolve. MSPs configure your database, segment your data, and eliminate discrepancies like duplicity, overwriting, and data silos to keep your database organized, malware-free, and healthy. Also, they help you leverage your data and present them in the form of reports. In addition, they help you keep your data safe with data encryption to boost security and comply with data protection standards like GDPR. 

Training & Adoption – MSPs provide extensive training sessions to your users to effectively onboard your teams and empower your users to adapt faster for maximum productivity and smooth-running operation.

On top of all, MSPs specialize in managing these tasks for your organization and are ready to account for KPIs. 

Let’s look at an example to understand the work process of Salesforce Managed Service Partners:

Gina is the owner of a growing fashion wear brand that recently started gaining huge recognition in the Fashion wear industry. 

Due to the rise in popularity, the brand’s community experienced a sudden surge of new users, making it difficult for Gina and her team to manage and engage the community members. Gina is afraid that the current community management system cannot handle this explosively growing community.

In search of a business solution, Gina reached a Salesforce Managed Service Partners. 

The MSP’s Salesforce advisors analyzed the problem and recommended using Salesforce Experience Cloud to build a new community portal. The focus of the task was to migrate the database and increase the community portal’s capacity to set up the operational workflow. 

A managed team of Salesforce experts created a new community portal for the brand as per the needs and replicated all the previous objects and fields in the Experience Cloud so the users could onboard faster.

Once the setup was complete, the team migrated the entire database to Salesforce and eliminated the existing data discrepancies. In addition, the MSP provided Gina’s brand with prolonged maintenance, admin, and development support. This saved Gina the trouble of hiring new talents and managing the whole implementation cycle.

The MSP delivered the promised KPIs as Experience Cloud accommodated the new community members without downtime or operational hindrance. As a result, Gina was able to engage the community’s constituents effectively and didn’t have to worry about the admin tasks.

In-house Service approach versus Salesforce Managed Services

Your in-house team is a great asset to your organization that works hard to complete business projects and is a major source of revenue generation. It is a viable strategy to deploy your in-house team on Salesforce implementation tasks for your own business instance, but it need not be the best option for your case.

Salesforce Managed Service Providers have the required experience and knowledge in implementing and configuring Salesforce products for different industries. They offer a vast range of services and have resources with matching skills for every task. These advantages give MSPs an edge over your in-house team.

In-house Service vs. Salesforce Managed Services

Should I hire a Salesforce MSP?

Salesforce Managed Service Providers relieve you from all the responsibilities and deliver complete solutions that precisely address all the pain points. They guarantee quality results on time and personalize aspects of your Salesforce environment to enable your team to go beyond their goals and set up new targets ahead of time. Hiring a Salesforce MSP is beneficial in many terms, as you get skilled resources configuring and calibrating Salesforce for your business along with complete management services. Their services cover the A-to-Z of the entire Implementation process and capacitate your users to do more!

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