Oracle Fusion CRM: Features & Benefits

May 3, 2012

Oracle Fusion CRM, a component of the Oracle Fusion Applications suite, is a comprehensive sales and marketing solution that not only drives smarter selling but is also a flexible and extensible approach for rapid adoption. CRMIT being the most trusted Oracle cloud CRM partner helps implement this one–stop solution so that its highly intuitive user experience can endow sales managers, executives, and representatives with information whenever they need it.

Oracle Fusion CRM has set a new standard for CRM in sales performance management and enterprise integration. While it is an extensible, modular, and absolutely flexible approach for rapid adoption, it’s 100% standard-based infrastructure facilitates in reducing the cost of implementation, staffing, and maintenance.

How Can You Benefit From Oracle Fusion CRM?

Whether you want to target, nurture and validate leads, need to enrich your knowledge about a prospect, resolve duplicity or route the quality leads to the sales team, Oracle Fusion CRM knows it better, has an ‘easy to use’ tool for it and always helps you to sell smarter. This modular solution can be setup such that it qualifies the leads and assigns them to sale representatives according to sales territories and also equips all the reps with personalized, sales initiated campaigns that can be used to expand the pipeline, besides a whole lot of other capabilities on sales & marketing fronts.

With its predictive analytics, it identifies exploitable white spaces and makes it easy to decide which products to sell to whom & which leads deserve your energy focus. Oracle Fusion CRM not only analyzes the traditional buying patterns, but it also identifies similar products and prospects. Territories can be modeled right in the system as per any combination of criteria and while making use of powerful analytics for distinguishing gaps and overlaps. Additionally, Oracle Fusion CRM keeps your high quality forecasts accurate with real time analytics and helps achieve / exceed the agreed numbers.

Oracle Fusion CRM cloud application allows enterprises to:

  • Have consolidated companies, accounts and contact information for complete 360˚ view of customer data.
  • Combine customer information and product master data with other CRM processes including partner management, incentive compensation etc.
  • Assimilate quota management with sales territory management
  • Assist enterprises in optimizing resource allocation.
  • Improves lead generation process and facilitates the sales force to focus more on solutions

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