Optimize your Oracle RightNow CX with a Global Support Program

July 25, 2014

Global Support Program

Oracle RightNow CX environment is a strategic component of your business. While the responsibility of keeping the product up and running remains with Oracle’s trusted practices, the burden of optimizing the tool for your specific business configurations falls on you.

CRMIT’s Global Support Program is designed to support you to triage an issue in the midst of critical production problems or could support you to migrate your RightNow deployment to the latest version of Agent Desktop or Customer Portal Version. In a nutshell it is designed to meet all your RightNow support needs like

Support Program for Oracle RightNow

Oracle RightNow Support

Potential Integration

Knowledge Management

Implement an effective knowledge management solution by streamlining knowledge creation, capture, storage, sharing and usage process by leveraging RightNow features like knowledge base, workflows, propose, guided assistance and smart assistant.

Incident Management

Configure your email-based ticketing system to enable quick & accurate responses to your customers by leveraging all standard RightNow features like SLA management, guided assistance, smart assistant, knowledge base, queues and standard texts.

Chat Management

Configure real-time chat that delivers proven results, including higher customer satisfaction, increased conversion, and improved efficiency. Live chat software provides an easy and effective way to engage a customer in the purchase process or when they need assistance solving an issue.

3rd Party Integration

Computer telephony integration (CTI)

Computer telephony integration (CTI) and desktop call control add-ins are also used to enable CTI screen pop and softphone functionality within the agent desktop, further enhancing agent productivity. Oracle RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service integrates with leading telephony systems to enable this functionality.

Twitter Integration

RightNow CX integration for Twitter is an extension to Oracle RightNow Social Experience capabilities and enables the RightNow platform to instantly generate and distribute pre scripted response to queries / feedbacks posted by customers and consumers via Twitter.

Skype Integration

Skype connector for RightNow CX enables Skype Call and Skype Message. These entities are used for storing information about Skype activities. Also, it extends Contact entity by adding a new field for storing Skype username.

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