CRMOD Safari @ Africa

August 8, 2012

One of our biggest customers in African region went live this week. Great to see them running their insurance sales processes using Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD customized and implemented by our wonderful team.

As always, our customer sent these bouquets of appreciation about our work, Sharing the excitement with you:


We went live yesterday with our Sales Force Automation project using CRM on Demand.

Whilst this project had its typical challenges, the overall experience has been very good, the objectives of this initial phase have been achieved and particularly, we are very motivated and excited about this journey. I particularly wanted to thank those people who worked hard to support this initiative and ensure its success and also wanted to give you a view of how we are embracing this solution and the change it precipitates.


I know this was a demanding project for you and had its moments of conflict and stress with tight timelines. It’s exciting to see the hard work come “to life” and know that our sales teams are motivated and positive about the transformative capability this solution will help them achieve.


A huge thanks for your effort. I know the road was bumpy at times. but we did it and it looks great. You don’t know how this will transform some of the inner workings of our Sales Teams.

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