CRMIT launches upgraded Email Solution for CRM systems to enable Customer Experience

February 7, 2014

The new CRM++ Email Workbench v1.4 enhances CRM usability with features including multiple file attachments, WYSIWYG editor, image embedding and template management. These features are seamlessly integrated to manage, capture, collate, respond and distribute important customer email activity all within the CRM system. 

Email Workbench V1.4
Email Workbench V1.4

CRMIT Solutions, a leader in transforming businesses with cloud-based Customer Experience (CX) solutions on Sales, Service, Marketing & Social Cloud, announced the release of upgraded CRM++ “Email Workbench v1.4”.

The CRM++ Email Workbench v1.4 continues to enhance users’ business processes and in-turn their customers’ experience with upgraded features, including multiple file attachments, upgraded TinyMCE Editor, improved image embedding & preview, improved template management, draft functionality, print preview, and BCC recipient.

CRM++ Email Workbench provides a comprehensive solution to manage, capture, collate, respond and distribute important customer email activity all within the CRM system. Every update, development, and opportunity is immediately shared with appropriate team members without users having to remember to copy or forward.

The CRM++ Email Workbench also eliminates the switching between email programs and CRM modules, which always has been a challenge. The seamless automation of service requests and one-stop email communication aids in better visibility and accessibility to all customer information and emails within the system.

Customer experience is of paramount importance to any customer-centric organization, and a positive Customer Experience (CX)s enables businesses to attract more, retain more, sell more, sell for more, and do more.

Naga Chokkanathan, Director, Innovations, CRMIT Solutions
Naga Chokkanathan, Director, Innovations, CRMIT Solutions

“Email Workbench v1.4is a testimony of our continued efforts to enable our customers with improved business processes and customer experience,” said Naga Chokkanathan, Director, Innovations, CRMIT Solutions. “The set of new enhancements to this version is a result of customer feedback through multiple workshops that we conducted to map the customer journey, making the best use of the cutting-edge technology,” he added.

The version is currently available for Oracle CRM On Demand & Oracle Sales Cloud.


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