CRMIT launches a new title: CRM On Demand – Administrative Essentials

January 22, 2013

It is our pleasure to state that CRMIT, one of the fastest growing specialists in delivering CRM solutions has launched a book: CRM On Demand – Administrative Essentials at a glittering ceremony on January 18th at Nalanda, CRMIT Towers, Bangalore. The highlight of the book is it is authored by our very own CRMITians, Venkatesan Sundaram and Padmanabha Rao. The book delves into the implementation aspects of the CRM On Demand system to equip the administrative team with the knowledge of the model of customer relationship management. Satyendra Kumar, Senior Vice-President & Group Head for Infosys Technologies graced the occasion, along with the company’s Founder and CEO, Vinod Reddy and other senior management people.

The event kicked off with the welcome speech by Naga Chokkanathan, one of our senior directors, who spoke about the significance of the event and introduced the chief guest to all our CRMITians. This was followed by an inspiring speech by Venkatesan, one of the co-authors of the book. Sharing his wonderful experiences of writing this book along with his co-author Padmanabha Rao, Venkatesan spoke about his inspiring journey right from the idea of writing a concise and an informative book, to the efforts that went all through the final publication of the book. In this regard, he spoke in length about his co-author Padmanabha Rao and how his valuable inputs and timely co-ordination has gone a long way in completing the book with the desired quality and output. He further added that the book, which is more illustrative and diagrammatic, is intended for administrators, who intend to implement their in-house CRM systems at their respective organizations; or any other professionals, who would like to refresh their administration knowledge.

CRMIT launches a new title: CRM On Demand – Administrative Essentials

The chief guest at the event, Satyendra Kumar shared his valuable insights and experiences in the CRM space, considering his vast knowledge and experience in this domain. Being a senior management professional at Infosys and a highly learned person, our audience was awe struck by his thought provoking ideas and live quotes in the customer experience management. Emphasizing how customer experience has a major role to drive any organization’s engine, particularly in retaining existing customers or in generating new leads, he drove the point that large organizations with their intricate hierarchies are losing their customer experience touch points, while addressing any customer queries within the given time frame. At the same time, he dwelt upon how smaller organizations, due to their simpler hierarchical structures can take advantage in this space and render services with a penchant for prompt customer service including minimizing turnaround time to address their customer queries. He ended his speech with a congratulatory note to the authors.

Vinod Reddy later felicitated the chief guest and shared his thoughts and experiences on this book. Lauding our chief guest’s speech, he asked one and all to imbibe and implement his thoughts, particularly for a small company like CRMIT, where customer experience has a crucial role to play in driving its business engine. Deliberating on the publication of this valuable book, he praised the authors, who took lot of pain in bringing out such a valuable book, which is a distillation of their past experiences and knowledge in the CRM space. He further added that the book has received some rave reviews from various professionals and even being endorsed by some organizations as a handy guide for CRMOD implementations.

Finally, Ravi Shankar, our senior HR Director spoke a few words about the book and lauded the efforts of the authors in coming out with such a wonderful book and drew the attention of the authors to come out with more such titles in the near future. He also thanked the chief guest for gracing the occasion, despite his busy schedule and commitments. The event was followed by High tea.

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