CRMIT implements Oracle Fusion CRM

May 24, 2012

CRMIT, one of the largest Saas CRM implementation specialists has chosen Oracle Fusion CRM for its global sales operations.

Fusion CRM is Oracle’s newest customer relationship management solution, with an industry-standard, futuristic architecture, a master tool that will facilitate in effectively managing the lifecycle of opportunities end-to-end.

CRMIT’s sales team will be using Oracle Fusion CRM from multiple channels such as PC, mobile devices, etc., and will also draw on its social CRM integration to collaborate better with internal and external audiences. This will be deployed on a highly secure public cloud provided by Oracle.

We spoke to some of CRMIT’s senior team members to understand their viewpoints on this implementation. Here are some snippets from these interviews:

Why Oracle Fusion CRM, when there are many competitors promising similar solutions?

Oracle Fusion CRM’s important differentiators are, its industry standards-based extensibility capabilities, deployment options (On Cloud + On Premise) and User Experience. Moreover, CRMIT wanted to automate its entire customer experience management life cycle using industry standard cloud-based platform. Fusion CRM has become our first choice because of the

  1. Complete CRM functionality and its roadmap towards Customer Experience solutions
  2. Built in Business Intelligence and Industry standard extensibility capabilities

– Vinod Reddy, Managing Director, CRMIT

How Fusion CRM can benefit CRMIT’s Sales Organization?

“CRMIT’s sales organization is focusing on generating high quality leads that can convert into sales revenue for us. Our goal is also to increase the team’s productivity and also provide effective view of critical sales data for better decision making. We also need to address our positioning and positioning from the Relationship dimension.  Alongside this, we also have specific requirements in relates to Territory Management and Incentive Compensation. Fusion CRM we believe is the roadmap ahead to address these essentials for our team”

– Rakesh Naidu, Sales Director, CRMIT

What are the Top 3 Reasons for Choosing Fusion CRM?

There are many reasons, let me address the most important three:

1. Oracle Fusion CRM is the most futuristic architecture I have ever seen!

2. All Fusion apps are built keeping CEM (Customer Experience Management) in mind, which means they are easy to use, effective and efficient in terms of functionality

3. This new technology is built using standards, Means, it remains flexible, and can be extended to suit any of our current and future requirements. This is going to be a lot easier than proprietary technologies

– Naga Chokkanathan, Senior Director, CRMIT

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