Can Remote Device Monitoring benefit Field Service organizations?

March 3, 2015


How to deliver a knock-your-socks-off customer experience (CX) during Field Service?
Does Customer Service experience ensure winning your customers for a rather longer tenure than anticipated? In a non-creepy style, of course.

Today’s field service management apps are not only limited to resource tracking. Location is great to know, but it’s just the beginning of what needs to be accomplished out on the front line.

To start with, field service organizations want more sophisticated workflow functions and richer customer engagement capabilities. However, even these more advanced features react more than anticipated. To become more productive, save more money, and even create new revenue streams, mobile field service management solutions need to become more proactive and preventive.

What is Field Service Automation Space?
Integrated enhanced customer support channels have brought up Mobility, Cloud, and IoT (Internet Of Things) together. Internet expansion is moving far beyond desktops and local area networks (LANs) to remote field service assets that rely on mobility and the cloud, from heavy industry field equipment to sensitive medical devices.

The age of collaboration has been expected for some time now within the service. Despite the proliferation of mobile devices and virtual communities, organizations still find it difficult to coordinate processes that aren’t owned by a dedicated stakeholder, communicate information to disparate teams, or collaborate with the intelligence captured by customers and equipment in the field.

Adopting a Customer Service, not-my-Job attitude, and disconnected resources are a few of the major challenges faced by top players as well, and hence ending up losing an Opportunity.

How? See next;

Scenario 1: Field Service at Cross Roads
Today’s field service organization is reactive and heavily dependent on the customer waving the red flag. They wait for the equipment used to recognize there’s a problem and call in with a complaint.

The clock is ticking!!!1

Scenario 2: Remote Monitoring Boosting the CX
A more proactive system would utilize sensors and remote monitoring instead of the customer’s eyes and ears. 1.1So, the increased integration of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology is providing the field service industry with an excellent opportunity to offer new services and increase revenue while enhancing the overall quality of the customer experience.

Take Away…
Implementing customer-centered thinking in an organization is all about making your customers a central organizational value that guides behaviors and decision-making. Valuing customer experience is about changing your process, sure, but it goes even deeper: It’s about changing attitudes.

The obvious benefits of location technology and data-capture devices include rapid service provisioning and better routing and scheduling, which helps shorten time windows for service appointments. It always helps to provide actionable insights on facilitating collaboration and hence, information exchange between the field service team and the contact center.

Adding to the momentum is that connecting a multitude of devices is becoming increasingly affordable. I personally feel that the added M2M intelligence results in faster issue resolution, less downtime, and added customer value. And satisfied customers are the key to recurring revenue streams and positive referrals.

What if next time, I receive certain notification stating that my voice controlled house lighting system has been noticed facing few performance issues due to certain device drivers, and I just need to confirm an appointment with the concerned team at my convenience, or even better that the issue is resolved remotely and details have been dispatched.

Huh…I can’t ask for anything better as I didn’t even get the chance to face the issue, and it got fixed. This time, I conclude the thread with a new-age formula;

Understanding your Customer + Engaging your Customer = Navigating with your ‘WoW Customers’

Customers are delighted & in control, now more than ever !!!

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