All You Need To Know About Oracle Cloud

April 9, 2012

A curtain raiser to the newest Oracle offering, Oracle Cloud, provided by our Regional Sales Director Mr. Raj Badoni

  • Complete cloud deployment offering : public, private, OnPremise, hybrid.
  • Oracle Cloud Services is a separate cloud consulting group
  • Cloud types:
  • Private cloud : CapEx & OpEx, lower total costs, control & visibility, multiple apps sharing resources
  • Public cloud : OpEx, Fast & inexpensive to start, outsourced services, multiple tenants sharing resources
  • Hybrid cloud : Cloudbursting : overdraft for peak loads, dev/test & production, B2B integration
  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS clouds offered per customer choice and what makes best fit.
  • 37% have private clouds in 2011 (increase of 28% from 2010)
  • 21% use public clouds in 2011 (increase of 50% from 2010)
  • Cloud use cases:
  • More new apps than extensions to existing apps
  • Both dev/test and production
  • More often enterprise, tan departmental
  • More used by employees than external users
  • Both stable and dynamic workloads, cloudbursting rare
  • Long-lived apps more often than temporary
  • PaaS adoption is outpacing IaaS:
  • PaaS: App server platform, database platform, identity : as a service
  • IaaS: Storage, compute, SW dev/test : as a service
  • Oracle cloud apps – Fusion apps:
  • 100% open standards based biz apps
  • Built on shared, elastically scalable platform
  • Choice of deployment, OnPremise, private, public, hybrid
  • Easy integration and extension
  • Oracle public cloud : Fusion CRM, Fusion HCM, Fusion Talent Mgmt, Database Service, Java Service, Oracle Social Network
  • 70% of IT cost is in staffing (40%) and implementation (31%)
  • Oracle public cloud java service:
  • Self Service environment
  • Portable and enterprise grade
  • Pure PaaS
  • Allows deployment of Java EE apps, WebLogic Server apps and ADF apps
  • Web apps : JSP and JSF
  • EJB business logic : with no remoting
  • Database interaction : java persistence API (JPA) or other JDBC interactions
  • Integrated with Oracle RDBMS and Oracle Identity Management

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